What is the Big Apple Music Awards Foundation ?
Is a nonprofit organization that consists of artists, creators, professionals and technical recording.
Who are the owners of the Big Apple Music Awards Foundation ?
All members and anyone. The Foundation members and all of them to the extent that they are aware of their membership are those who manage the organization.

What does the staff of the Big Apple Music Awards Foundation  during the 364 days with no Big Apple Music Awards?
Big Apple Music Awards Foundation  organization takes many hours of work and energy. They are 9 months before you start preparing the Big Apple Music Awards Ceremony.  We hold different cultural  events in Schools, the Festival in the Street, the recognition of the Personality of the Year Awards Special (Special Awards), and participating in events to promote membership among many other activities.

How is the organization governed?
It is governed by statutes that are being modified by the Board of Directors of the organization (Board of Trustees). The Trustees are 16 people working for the Foundation pro bono (ie, in an honorary capacity) and is made up of people of various nationalities, areas of expertise and areas or genres of music, which aim to provide long-term direction of the Big Apple Music Awards Foundation . The Directors also act in full, volunteer in areas such as marketing, fiscal discipline, television, organization and operation, awards and set goals for the short, medium and long term.

What product participates in the Big Apple Music Awards Foundation ?
Any product that has been released in the eligibility period and is recorded in one of the fallowing languages: Central Asian, Caucasian, Misssle Eastern. Committees formed by volunteers from the Big Apple Music Awards Foundation  by majority vote may accept product that has been recorded in above mentioned  languages.  As for instrumental music, must register any recordings containing works by Central Asian, Caucasian, Misssle Eastern authors and composers (no matter who plays) or it is interpretation of Central Asian, Caucasian, Misssle Eastern artists.

Why should pay to attend the Big Apple Music Awards?
It is a question of cost of production. The Foundation has the responsibility to make an event to match the best in the world even more and that is a very strong investment in lighting, security, technical, sound, etc. Ie in activities that are not noticed . However, "even though it is impossible to please everyone-it is clear that being a live production we have ever faced technical problems ... and we want to continue in the same tenor. To cover the cost of investment required to collect the tickets for the wizard to continue giving the highest quality. However we designed the scale so that tickets which are more bronze and silver are more accessible.

How do you choose the artists who perform in the show?
The Big Apple Music Awards Foundation  will be attending a committee formed by TV Foundation  members who have experience in this field. Once the nominees are known, are formed four groups that fight for space. The Foundation seeks to maintain a balance that reflects balance in categories, sex, machine, etc. The producer intends to have a show that is artistic and bearing the required cadence, artists, labels and managers want their space program and the Director just want ratings. In principle, priority is given to the nominated artists but also gives space to the personality of the year and some special prizes. Moreover, in many cases even when a program is to be "ideal" many artists have committed their agenda and therefore constantly have to balance the program.

Why do I sometimes see the nominees and winners are not known or their issues are not popular?
The Big Apple Music Awards Foundation   rewarded with the vote of the membership to excellence and quality of recording. The voting members of the Foundation does not always follow the market trends as they are all professionals in this field and demand different qualities to those required by normal audience and fans.

What are the voting rules?
When the voting returns come in the mail to the membership, participants must refrain from making open promotion related to the Big Apple Music Awards. There are no "pre-nominations" and not allow the exchange of vows. Managers that call other managers to discuss strategies to contribute to the disqualification of the product and affect artists. The process will be of the value that we give those who participate in the process, and that will be nominated or winning remains important in the career of an artist.

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